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The films/Programmes listed below featured a Jaguar

Film/Programme Jaguar Details  
Scandal XK150 DHC made in 1988 with John Hurt
Added 18th October 2005

Contributed by Gary Oxley

Scent of a Woman XJS with Al Pacino
Sex Actually XK8 Coupe Contributed by Gary Oxley
Added 3rd January 2006
Scooby Doo 2 XJ8 Contributed by Non-Member David
'Shaft' XJ6  starring Samuel L. Jackson
Shameless XJ8 UK Christmas Comedy
Shameless E Type S3 UK  Series
Added 10 April 06
She's a Bitch XJ220 music video (directed by star-director Hype Williams) and is currently under consideration for another major blockbuster Hollywood production that will begin shooting in the late summer.(I don't think the title means a female dog)
Snatch XJ SIII
with Vinnie Jones
Snatch Daimler Sovereign

UK Gangster comedy
Added 9th February 2005

Snatch XJ8 Extra Jag outside the Boxing ring

Added 6th March 2006

Sold in 60 seconds Daimler Sky TV programme about a car auction. Shown 25.02.04
Sold in 60 seconds 2 X Type Sky TV programme following cars going through auction
Speed XJS  
Stay Lucky MKII starring Dennis Waterman and Jan Francis  
Stardust Daimler
Daimler Majestic
1960's In England, Pop stars, theres bound to be a Jag!!!

Added on 20th March 06

STEED in The Avengers drove his XJC and Purdey drove her XJS. XJC

Sunday Past Times XJ S2 Added 12th April 2005
In SWEENEY the bank robbers always drove S-types. S Type  
Swimfan XJ40 The baddie drives an XJ40 therefore she cant all be bad.
Swordfish XK8 If the Gentlemen look past Halle Berry, at the beginning she drives a red XK8
Tailor of Panama XJ 300 Starring Pierce Brosnan and Jamie Lee Curtis
Added 12th February 2005
The Alan Clarke diaries Daimler A British politics spoof

Contributed by Gary Oxley

The Amorous Milkman   Several Jaguars in background
"The Avengers" E Type With Uma Thurman and Sean Connery.

Pictures and Information by
Bruno Maya

The Bill XJR & X300 UK Police Series. Episode shown 21.5.03
The Bill X300 4.0L sport The bad guy drives a Jag in this episode of a UK Police drama
The Bill  May 05 X Type UK Police Drama
Added 24th May 2005
The Blues Brothers E Type S3 starring Jake & Elwood, where Twiggy drives a primrose yellow series 3 E-type roadster.

information by Ari Hukkanen

The Catherine Tate Show

(Gary Oxley)

MKII Comedy Sketch Show. Shown 16.02.03
'The Car's The Star' E- Type This car has been used on many occasions by Jaguar Cars for press, publicity and television, including featuring in all of the XK8 launch material. The car was also featured in the television series 'The Car's The Star', alongside Sir Jackie Stewart.
Crying Game XJ 40 Before a British MP was assassinated he owned a Jaguar (at least he arrived in comfort :-)
The Culture Show E_Type UK BBC2 programme showing the design icons of the 1960's

Contributed by Gary Oxley
Added 28th January 2006

The Day of the Jackal E Type S1 Coupe Film about an assassination attempt on the French President.
(Courtesy of Erica, Rodges wife)
The Door in the Floor X Type 2005 Film with Kim Bassenger and Jeff Bridges. The doctor has a Jag.
Added 5th July 2005
The Everlasting Piece XJ Film about two firms of Wig salesmen in Northern Island.
'The Equalizer' XJ S3  


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