"; ?> The JagWeb Vendors Mailing List

The vendors mailing-list is a way for vendors of Jaguar related parts, services etc. to be able to send details of their services to interested parties. The list is free to send mail to and is free to subscribe to.

To subscribe:

Send email to majordomo@jagweb.com with the text "subscribe vendors" in the message body. To unsubscribe send a message to the same address with the text "unsubscribe vendors".


To be allowed to send email to the list you need to be approved by JagWeb staff. Just send an email to vendor-approve@jagweb.com outlining who you are and approval will be granted shortly.

Also note our other services to vendors:

Please note that the current rules are provisional and may be subject to change at any time at our discretion.

Please report any problems to list-support@jagweb.com, comments and suggestions can be mailed to me.


Nick Johannessen,
JagWeb manager