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Updated August 2016
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We now offer a wide range of high quality stainless steel exhaust systems for most modern Jaguars from the 6 cylinder E type to the latest XKR 4.2. These systems are unique and are only available through AJ6 Engineering or its trade outlets.

All of our systems are designed to keep reasonable faith with the refinement for which Jaguar are renowned, however some would say these cars can be too quiet and that a thoroughbred should make its presence more obvious. We therefore developed our performance systems to be subtly more tuneful yet still suitable for long journeys. Our standard pattern systems are very slightly louder than original through virtue of having all straight-through silencers. Large bore systems tend to be more raucous in character, whilst the TT systems produce a sharper note - perhaps more like a Ferrari - and the Super Sport version for the V12 E Type sounds wonderful but some might find it just a bit too exuberant. The systems for the V8 powered cars bring out the lovely V8 sound but without becoming obtrusive.

Our systems can be divided into three classifications:-

  1. Large Bore - follows original layout but with less restriction, aiding top end power.
  2. Extractor Torque Boosting (TT) - uses dual tuned length pipes from the original manifolds merging in the vicinity of the transmission then running through to join up with a standard or l arge bore rear section. These systems augment flow through the engine thereby significantly improving mid-range performance. Available as part or full systems. Also available as race versions.
  3. Silencer Substitute Pipes replace just the under-floor silencers and are an inexpensive way of gaining a modest power gain at the top of the speed range. Mini Straight Through Silencers achieve the same but are recommended if noise is a critical factor.

We can also provide standard pattern stainless systems for most applications on request.

Exhaust Emissions. Contrary to widespread belief the UK MOT does not require a catalyst to be present, only that the car does not exceed the maximum gaseous emission levels specified for its year, which most cars will easily achieve without need of a catalyst. As an example the purpose of the Lambda feedback system of any modern catalyst car is to control the fueling so that the %age of CO in the exhaust before the catalyst is never more than about 0.1%. If it rises above this level the presence of a catalyst will reduce it but it is actually a symptom of a fault that is likely to eventually destroy the catalyst. As the UK pass level is either 0.2% or 0.3%, depending on the circumstances, the absence of the catalyst will not prevent a healthy car from satisfying the test. Much the same applies in other parts of the World including the USA although if a check includes a mandatory visual catalyst inspection then clearly the situation is slightly different.

Tail Pipe Trims. For many people the tail pipes are an important part of any exhaust system simply because everything else is out of sight and they alone provide a visual impression to the outside world.

Our complete systems include polished tailpipes that we feel compliment the rest of the product but this can be very much a matter of personal opinion. Some people don't want tail pipes that look overtly different, some prefer them to be different but subtle, others may want them to be outrageous.

We therefore offer a number of alternatives in terms of style and size for many of our systems. Options include round, oval or square; rolled in, rolled out, or sawn, all at various angles; various sizes from reserved to absurd; and finally single or dual outlet. The photograph shows some examples. Pricing may vary depending on the choice.

Lambda fitting bosses and Lambda sensor extension wires are included where necessary. Fueling (ECU program) modifications are also included where necessary. A fitting kit of clamps, sealing olives, etc. is included with major systems but not normally with Silencer Substitute Pipes and Mini Silencers.

The following pages list the various applications. Prices can be found under the respective model headings in our main price list. If in any doubt about your particular car please phone and we will help to verify the exact requirement with respect to model, year, and market specification.

AJ6 Engineering, 60, Henshall Road, Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 5DN, England
Email, Tel/Fax:- 0044 (0)1625 573556