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Retain the qualities and adjust the compromises.

Our first principle about engine conversions for road going cars is that mid-range torque, flexibility and responsiveness are far more important than top end power. We believe that aiming to maximise torque ensures that there will always be sufficient power. Enhanced acceleration below 100 m.p.h. is far more useful than adding 10 m.p.h. to the top speed. It usually happens that the top speed is increased anyway but that is of academic interest for most people. Of course racing requires a rather different approach which we also cater for and many of our conversions are available in racing variants.

Few people would ever criticise a modern Jaguar for the qualities of its ride or performance as a long distance cruiser but "crisp" and "responsive" are not words that would come easily to mind. On wide sweeping roads there is nothing much better than a Jaguar but it will always be less at home on tight winding bends. Our engine conversions shift away from this soft image without losing the essential character, a process which can be complimented by subtle changes to the suspension.

For most people it is important that the original qualities of the car should not be overwhelmed. In our view it is vital that any changes should be adroit rather than extreme or the car will no longer be a Jaguar. It is all too easy to make the car noisy, harsh and ill-mannered but with care very good results can be achieved without detracting too much from the original levels of refinement.

Anyone familiar with standard Jaguars will have no difficulty fitting any of our conversions. They all interchange directly with the standard items which, where appropriate, can then be returned to us for credit on our exchange scheme. Detailed instructions are included where necessary and in the event of any difficulty we provide full technical support by phone, fax or email during normal UK working hours.

All of our engine conversions enhance performance by working to well-known and proven technology. We do not offer products based on some sort of magic or secret technique. Things like extractor exhaust systems and resonant induction manifolds may sound mysterious to the uninitiated but the techniques are well known and easily verifiable.

None of our conversions make any difference to the normal service schedule other than providing a saving because the air filters are washable and re-usable. A converted car can be serviced by your usual garage who can treat it just like any similar car.

Upgrade in Stages

Most of our conversions are arranged in such a way that a purchaser of, for example, a V12 Super Enhanced ECU can later add a Large Throttle Kit, or Plus Torque conversion at a more favourable price than buying all items separately. Of course this will not be as economical as buying a major conversion in one go.

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