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This is the website of AJ6 Engineering, bringing an exceptionally high standard of technical expertise to the supply of Performance Parts, Electronic Control Units, our unique TT Tuned Exhaust Systems and associated items.

Revised edition for 2014!

Engine technology
for the modern world

A new book that bridges the gap between the enthusiastic layman and the expert. Full of explanations about how engine technology has evolved, especially in recent years, to deliver amazing levels of performance and economy, whilst reducing harmful exhaust emissions almost to zero. By Roger Bywater.

Full info here and reviews as well!

DFV 1967 to Toyota 2009 - a remarkable tale of progress

When Keith Duckworth's DFV engine burst onto the Grand Prix scene in 1967 it represented the cutting edge of racing engine technology as it was at that time, and all the current V8 engines in F1 owe something to the DFV in their design. What has changed in 42 years? Article by Roger Bywater.

Full article here!

Most of our products are of a bolt-on nature and are aimed at improving responsiveness and flexibility without destroying the essential refinement originally defined by the manufacturer. To put this another way - most people buy a car like a Jaguar because of its unique qualities so it is important not to turn such a car into a completely different animal. Improvement is the aim rather than radical change - although we can do that too if asked.

We produce induction systems, exhaust systems and we re-program electronic control units but we also supply appropriate suspension enhancements. We also offer similar products for racing with the emphasis shifted more towards top-end power rather than the mid-range torque that is more useful for a road car.

Test, repair and upgrading of fuel injection control units is another important part of our business and we also manufacture several products to help with fault diagnosis.

Uniquely available from this site is an unrivalled library of technical information including detailed histories of the Jaguar V12 and XK engines (published originally in Jaguar World magazine), and explanations of important topics such as modern supercharging and fuel injection systems. A comprehensive glossary is also included to explain some of the mysterious jargon of Electronic Fuel Injection, Exhaust Emissions and Engine Technology.

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